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We believe that music is a vital part of the children’s education and should develop love, passion and knowledge of a range of musical genres.

We wish for our children to aspire to create music and believe that music is within their reach and within them, regardless of their abilities. We intend for our children to develop a holistic knowledge of music through enjoyable, high quality music lessons and a rich, varied curriculum.



We use the model music curriculum (a non-statuary guidance) to support and strengthen our music curriculum. Our whole school use of Charanga and our ‘listening plan’ allows the children to engage in creative music sessions whilst also showing a clear progression of skills. They enable children to have the musical foundations they need in order to confidently develop into musicians. From EYFS to Year 6 our music curriculum is broken down into 7 key areas. They allow the children to broaden their music knowledge (listen and appraise), build their love for the key musical elements (singing and playing instruments), take creative risks (improvisation), learn how to write music (composition) and become confident musicians (performance). This is all taught through a variety of teaching and learning styles created to engage and inspire all learners. Within each of these elements, there is a clear progression of skills, which allow the children to grow as individual, creative, musicians.



Our music curriculum ensures that the children are able to develop as musicians under three main pillars. These include technical, constructive and expressive development. Weaving these into our curriculum will ensure that every child will make progress. This also means that by the end of Year 6, each child will have a broad and rich musical foundation, on which their creativity and enthusiasm can grow, enabling every child to reach their full musical potential.