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Our Staff


"The teachers at St John's are good at keeping us safe and protecting us."

Mia, Year 3



'All your staff are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils achieve well and improve their life chances.' OFSTED 2018



"The teachers are really good at helping us learn.  They teach us something new each day." Eddie, Year 3


'Staff work together as a team to support pupils' learning throughout the school.' OFSTED 2018




Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head teacher: Mrs S Rubin

Deputy Head teacher: Mrs J Howley

Assistant Head teacher: Mrs A Burton and Miss N Toole (Maternity)


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery: Miss N Smith

Reception: Mrs J Edwards (EYFS Leader) and Ms M Pemberton


Key Stage 1

Year 1 H: Mrs R Hudson

Year 1 P: Mrs M Parker

Year 2 B: Mrs A Burton

Year 2 L: Mrs G Hudson


Key Stage 2

Year 3 P: Miss E Procter

Year 3 L: Miss J Leigh 

Year 4 D: Miss S Davies

Year 4 T: Miss M Thomas

Year 5 B: Miss L Brittain

Year 5 HP: Mrs C Halpin-Power

Year 6 H: Miss J Hardman

Year 6 S: Miss V Spencer


Support Staff

Nursery Nurse: Miss E Royle

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs C Myers

Mrs J Guite

Mrs T Stabler

Miss J Yorke

Miss J Dorrian

Mrs T Haddon

Mrs J Anchor

Mrs J Kelly

Ms K Myers

Miss S Pearson

Miss C Worrall


Senco: Ms F Steel

Learning Mentor: Mrs C Knight

Site Officer: Mr J Snape


Senior Cooks: Ms C Stevenson

Catering Staff: Mrs Y Burke and Miss K Buglass


Welfare Staff:

Miss G Walker

Miss L Griffin

Mr J Snape

Mrs B Cripps


School Business Manager: Mrs G Denison

Administrative Assistant: Mrs N Cooney