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Physical Education

"PE at St. John’s is fun! I love being part of the football team and taking part in different sports." 

Raf, Year 6

At St. John’s Primary School we fully support Ofsted’s guidance that ‘Physical Education is part of every child’s entitlement to a good education. It provides pupils with the generic knowledge and understanding they need to become physically literate.’


Our aim is to stimulate pupils to participate fully and develop a love of taking part in all that the P.E curriculum and after school sport clubs have to offer. Children access the P.E curriculum through Premier Sports, Manchester City coaches or the class teacher twice a week. Years 4-6 also take part in swimming lessons for a term from a qualified swimming instructor.


In all of our PE lessons, we want to make sure children are physically active and that they are challenged to improve both their own performance and their performance as part of a team. At St John’s, we are always finding opportunities for our children to participate in competitions, both within school and against other local schools, and this ensures we build on the fantastic progress the children make in their PE lessons.


All pupils leaving St. John’s will have the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy, active lifestyle, and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.