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Start and End of Day Procedures

The Key Stage 2 Site (Park Lane) opens at 8:50am with registration from 8:55am, and closes at 3:30pm. The Early Years and Key Stage 1 Site (Daisy Bank Avenue) opens from 8:55am with registration at 9:10am.  It closes at 3:15pm. 


The entrances to St. John’s are from Daisy Bank Avenue, through Oakwood Park and from Park Lane. Daisy Bank Avenue and Park Lane are very busy and there are many residents’ cars. We encourage the children to walk to school if possible. Cars can be parked at Aldi for children to walk down the road. Alternatively the Park Lane, Key Stage 2 building, has a cycle rack so the children can cycle to school.


Once inside the gates, children wait in the playground until their teacher collects them when the bell rings .The bell is rung at 8:50am for the Park Lane site and 8:55am for the Daisy Bank Avenue site and school take no responsibility for any child in the playground before that time.


For Health and Safety reasons, could we please ask that no dogs be brought into the school grounds.


If a child is late, after 8:55am at Park Lane and 9:10am at Daisy Bank, the parent and the child must enter through the main entrance and report to the office for a late mark and the chld must be signed in by a parents/carer. If a child arrives after 9:30am, the morning’s absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.

Lateness is closely monitored by the school and the Education Welfare Officer.


Please ensure that your child(ren) arrive at school ON TIME for a prompt start to the day as it is possible that they may miss the beginning of a lesson.

If your child is absent from school, please telephone the office on the first morning so that their absence is registered.